Monthly release notes for iocoin Community Network

IOC Community update

Telegram Tipbot
The Telegram Tipbot @IOCoinNetworkBot is now functional and added to the channel. From now anyone on telegram can make tips or rains of IOCoins. If somebody wants to audit the code, they can check out the repository.

Discussions were enabled on the GitHub account iocCN,, allowing us to discuss new ideas, questions, or anything to share with the community.

IOCoin Docker image
A public Docker image was stored on, ready to use the bootstrap file (block 2917292) and/or to set up a testnet node. The sources of the docker images are published on

Coming soon:

  • Public testnet (estimated date: February).
  • Testnet faucet (estimated date: February).
  • Blockchain explorer for main and test nets (estimated date: February).
  • Cross-compiler and usage docs (estimated date: February).
  • Mobile staking node PoC for Android (estimated date: March).

IOC Core Development update

The Core development team is working on transitioning our current HTML5 dapp wallet features to an updated QT version UI. Once that’s completed we will release the QT along with all updates currently in task to be released.

  • Orphan tool
  • Cold signatures (offline signing)
  • 1.5 IOC steady rewards

Once this upgrade is completed our current plan will move to working on our IOC20 smart contract platform followed by our chameleon graph project.

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